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Cooling Bamboo Bed Blanket for Hot Sleepers

Cooling Bamboo Bed Blanket for Hot Sleepers

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🍃【Double Cooling Sensation】100% natural cooling fiber from bamboo and mint gives you a double cool feeling! LUXEAR cooling blankets use double-strand weaving, which not only is more breathable and accelerates moisture absorption, but also automatically adjusts temperature and humidity, quickly causing body heat to drop about 1-2 degrees to make you feel cool. The mint additives themselves have a cooling sensation, so you feel cool in the hot summer.

🍃【Skin-Friendly and Comfortable】 For many years,we’ve focused on bringing customers a clean, comfortable sleeping environment. Our cold blanket contains two special ingredients: bamboo fiber containing bamboo quinone elements, and mint additive containing menthol. We combine the two to effectively protect your skin while giving you a cool feeling. On a hot summer night, you can fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

🍃【Easy to Clean and Care For】Hand wash or machine wash (on slow/gentle setting) with water (temperature below 30 degrees C/86 degrees F), hang the summer blanket vertically on the clothes hanger, and dry the blanket in a cool and ventilated place: it will then resume its original size. PLEASE NOTE: don’t put the bed blanket in the dryer or dry it in sun; don’t bleach or iron. We recommend that you put this jacquard cool blanket in the laundry net bag to prevent tangling or damage.

🍃【Design and craftsmanship】Our cool throw blanket uses a geometric jacquard design to make the jacquard blanket beautiful, soft, and silky. Also, we use environmentally friendly dyes and we dye before weaving: so you don't have to worry about fading, pilling, or shrinking. After washing, the blanket retains its feeling, and it will look like new after long-term use.

🍃【Two sizes — multi-color — multi-use】Select Twin or Queen size for this bamboo blanket: suitable for two single beds or a whole bed. Four colors to choose from, to fit every decor. This bamboo lightweight cooling bamboo blanket is only 2.1 lbs (2.97 lbs), so it is easy to carry and ideal for traveling by car, train, or airplane. No matter where you are, this blanket is your good friend.


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