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6 Pack Reusable Adhesive Sticker for Bathroom Kitchen for Shower Caddy Basket - No glue

6 Pack Reusable Adhesive Sticker for Bathroom Kitchen for Shower Caddy Basket - No glue

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  • REUSABLE NANO ADHESIVE - Compared with 3M adhesive, nano adhesive is more durable and sticky and reusable. Transparent & non-marking adhesive makes it invisible, It is the perfect choice to keep your wall clean and tidy
  • POWERFUL STRONG STICKER - Newly upgraded nano adhesive can bear a weight of 6.6LB/ 3KG. 1 piece is enough to hold for the soap shelf or kitchen sink caddy, 2 pieces can hold for shower caddy shelf.
  • EASY REMOVE - These adhesive is easy to remove without leaving any marks on the wall. Will not damage your wall.
  • REUSABLE - These adhesive can be reusable after washing and drying. You can install and clear at will.
  • APPLICABLE WALL - Applicable to ceramic tile, glass, mirror, stainless steel, pressure plate and any other luster, Non-porous, No-gap, No tile seams surface. Not Applicable to to Small Tiles with Gap, Natural Marble, Painting Walls, Latex Paint, Old Ceramic Tiles, Cement walls and other breathable materials.

Details: Color: Transparent Each Piece Size: 2.4 x 2.4 inch Package Included:6 Piece Transparent Adhesive Installation Notes: 1. Please make sure the walls are dry, smooth, lineless, clean and free of gaps and install to surface without tile seams or grout lines. 2. Only stick on a smooth, hard, lineless surface and do not for a painted wall or wallpaper. 3. Please squeeze out ALL air for the sticker when sticking. 4. After installation, you need to wait 12-hours before using. HOW TO REUSE THE STICKER? Wash the sticker with water and then air dry. Please note keep the sticker away from high temperature. Please note the nano sticker will become non-sticky after washing, It needs to air dry to restore its stickiness.

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